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 Unsolicited on-line reviews from readers.

This book is excellent on many levels. First, it is written with a down-to-earth practical orientation for readers who are interested in their personal growth. Schafer's style is lighthearted, occasionally poking fun at himself or some tradition. He writes in a clear manner, not fuzzy psychobabble. Second, Schafer's description of each Enneagram type's transformation journey is the most lucid I have read anywhere. He lays out how each type gets distracted and what's necessary to return to a spiritual expression of type. Third, Schafer describes how the energy centered Dao practice can be used with the Enneagram. He thoughtfully places the theoretical and philosophy descriptions in the Appendices (which are also good reading). He includes practical tips like "the inner smile" for training yourself to relax during the daily stress of living. Fourth, Schaffer is innovative in his thinking: for example, he arranges the Enneagram types into triads so that each triad has a head center, heart center, and body center type. This arrangement is recommended by a number of Enneagram teachers, but this is the first published description I have seen. All in all, this book is excellent to add to your library.

R. Bradstreet, Austin TX

Though there are many good books available to explain the enneagram, this one surpasses them all in its depth. The author provides clear, well-written theory of personality development. Then he explains how spiritual growth, via enneagram work, can liberate us from the behavioral and mental habits that that bind and limit us. The daoist philosophy provides a parallel view which deepens and clarifies the enneagram. This book will take you beyond the 'personality typing' approach of the more simplistic books on the subject.

 H. Claus, Woodland CA

This is a fantastic book. It is, without hesitation, my favorite in its category. 

For the person who simply wants to use the enneagram of personality to better understand their inner workings, blind spots, strengths, and weaknesses so that they can more effectively navigate their lives and do so more happily, use this book to those ends. Don't just read, apply.

The individual types are presented succinctly. There isn't a lot of space devoted to the various quirks and surface level manifestations of the type's core fixation. The writing is simple and to the point, an intellectual understanding can only take you so far--no matter how thorough--so the author instead tells you what you need to know and then points you in the direction of experience. Too much focus on the externals and quirks of each type (as found in many enneagram books) can be confusing, misleading, and entirely unnecessary to most individuals. These things are interesting to ponder once you have a handle on the core ideas and structure but unless you have that handle, they are a hindrance to your learning. That problem is avoided altogether in this book. In fact, this is where the Daoist perspective really shines. It helps you get that handle on the core understandings.

This book really does cut straight to the heart of the matter…It is, pound for pound, the most easily accessible and implementable presentation of the enneagram of personality with the aim of improving the reader's quality of life. 

I ordered my copy on a whim, not expecting much, and my experience with it led to me writing my first Amazon book review out of gratitude and enthusiasm. I hope my review nudges others to take that same chance with their money and reading time. I promise you won't be disappointed. This book is for everyone.

P. Aragon, West Virginia