Meetings for 2015:

March 27th-28th

October 2nd-3rd

February 19-20, 2016

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~Bay Area, California

     The Dallas Reflective Practice Group is facilitated by Bill. It began in 2002 at the invitation of the Texas Association for Infant Mental Health. The first two years of the group were devoted to training a cadre of future leaders in the field of early intervention for infant, toddlers and their families for the state of Texas. At the end of those two years, many members wanted to continue meeting in order to further their own continued personal and professional growth.  Most of the membership is from the Dallas area, although several people drive down from southern Oklahoma. The members of this group have developed a deep sense of connectedness with one another. We have studied and learned together, we have supported one another through many triumphs and trials, and the conversations we now have go very deep. We meet all day Friday and Saturday in a comfortable meeting room provided by an Episcopal church near Dallas' Love Field. 

   This year we are studying our individual relationships to work, loved ones and self, using a wonderful volume by the poet David Whyte as our source-book.