Meetings for 2015:

September 19 and 20

Meetings for 2016 (note change to Friday/Saturday)

February 26-27

June 24-25

September 9-10

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      The Bay Area Reflective Practice Group is facilitated by Alice and Bill together. We currently meet in Davis. Over the years we have developed a strong core sense of trust, respect and love for one another. Each time we meet we spend the entire first morning sharing with one another what has been happening in our lives since we last met, and how it has affected our own process of growth. Usually several people have something they want to work on at greater length, and part of the second day is set aside for them to choose a reflective listener from the group to help them take an in-depth look at their own process. It often happens that this presents an opportunity to integrate the content matter of the weekend with the concrete realities of reflective practice.

  Each retreat is dedicated to a topical presentation of content that relates to reflective practice, along with small group (2-3 individuals) exercises to give the topic experiential concreteness. This year we are studying our individual attitudes toward work, loved ones and self, using a wonderful volume by the poet David Whyte as our source-book.

 Each weekend we examine a different arena of development: work , intimate relationships, or self. Working in small groups we explore our individual histories in each arena, searching for the larger currents and deeper context within each arc of development from infancy and toddler stages through childhood, adolescence and adult life. The heart of the learning experience, as always, is the constant opportunity for participants to explore their personal stories with one another in a respectful and reflective atmosphere.

     Most, though not all of the people in our group are professionals who work with infants and children. CEUs are available for social workers, marriage and family therapists and psychologists. However, it is not a requisite for entry that one be a social worker, educator, or mental health professional. All that is required is that one be willing to look beyond the surface of oneself, that one be able to feel curiosity, kindness and awe for life, for oneself, and for others. If you have any questions about joining the group, please visit the Contact Us page.